About Us

     Joint-stock company "Uriga" produced first glazed curd cheeses in 1995.
     At the beginning the company produced only one kind of glazed curd cheese with vanillin. For meeting requirements of various consumers, the assortment of goods was broadened. Soon the production of glazed curd cheeses with cocoa and poppy-seeds was started, later the fillings made of berries and fruits were begun to be used in production of glazed curd cheeses.
     At present joint-stock company "Uriga" produces several kinds of glazed curd cheeses with various fats content, various fillings and additives.
     Only fresh and high-quality curd are used in the production of the cheeses and icing is made of fine flavour of chocolate, therefore this wholesome and nourishing food is the right choice especially for the children.
     Joint-stock company "Uriga" was awarded the golden medal in the exhibition of agricultural, food industry and packing technologies "AgroBalt'98", 1998 glazed curd cheeses were awarded the medal of The Product of The Year in Lithuania.
     In 1999 the enterprise was granted the rights to export its production into the countries of European Union.

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